I'm often asked how long I've been a photographer, and my initial thought is: forever. Having a camera in my hand has just felt right, since the moment I discovered my mom's tiny digital pink camera as a little girl. I've always been fascinated with the idea of having the opportunity to have something that truly lasts forever: an image. Photography quickly became a hobby of mine, and suddenly I was filling my calendar with shoots and weddings and before I knew it I was a full time photographer. When I'm not holding a camera, you can find me boarding a flight, watercolor painting,, sitting on the beach and spending as much time with my family probably playing Ticket To Ride or watching Baby Driver. 

I'm emma!

Capturing what's real. I'm a firm believer in the beauty and the value of documenting your story naturally and uniquely. Every couple, every love, and every individual has a story to tell, and I have the honor of being a part of that. Honestly, you aren't going to find me asking you to pop your hand on your hip and to pretend to laugh. That to me, doesn't feel authentic and isn't in line with my style. I avoid unnatural posing all together because I want our time together to be relaxing and comfortable, My goal is to be a part of telling your story, no pretending, I want to document what's real. Maybe you're someone who would like to have as much posing as possible from your photographer, and that's ok, it might just mean we aren't a great fit. But if you're someone looking to get sandy, go chase the sun, jump in the water, get our hair messy, and capture YOUR unique story, then I have a feeling we're going to get along pretty dang well. 


In my business

Bits About me: 

I spent six months in England and visited eight different countries while abroad

I'm 51% introvert and 49% extrovert 

I love all things floral 

I'm a four on the enneagram 

I am a runner

I'm a huge fan of getting creative with a pen and some paper, I love to journal, draw, and write letters

My favorite food is Sweet Potato Gnocchi (specifically from Trader Joe's)  

I once met Maddonas dad while shooting a wedding 

what my couples have said

— Anisa M, January 2021

"she made us not only feel very comfortable but made the experience so fun and sweet. There was never a moment of feeling awkward, uncomfortable, or unsure. "

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